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10 Benefits of Cannabis in Older Adults

If you’re interested in discovering some of the benefits that cannabis might have for you, you’re in luck.

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In a recent anonymous survey of patients aged 65 and older, 15% reported using cannabis in the past three years. The most surprising finding? More than half of them had never used cannabis until they were over the age of 60.

This statistic points to a trend that’s been on the rise ever since the widespread legalization of cannabis: Older adults are one of America’s fastest-growing populations of cannabis users. This is believed to be the case for a few different reasons, one of them being that older adults are increasingly turning to cannabis to treat symptoms and conditions that are notoriously difficult to manage with traditional remedies — and that are incredibly common later in life.

So how exactly can cannabis help the aging population deal with these day-to-day struggles? Here are 10 different benefits of cannabis in older adults, in no particular order.

It soothes the body.

It’s common for older adults to feel like their bodies don’t work like they used to. From soreness to stiffness to all the aches and pains that can come along with aging, these feelings can become an everyday struggle. Cannabis can soothe the back and joints, making it easier for older adults to get out of bed in the morning, and helping to alleviate daily discomfort.

It aids mobility.

When older adults experience the physical alleviation that can come from cannabis use, they may find that they’re able to be more mobile. By loosening up stiff joints and reducing tension, people may find that they’re able to walk around more, move their bodies more, and gain some of their old flexibility and limberness back.

It promotes mindfulness.

Plenty of older adults have worries and anxieties. When you’re focused on how much time is passing in your life, it can be hard to live in the moment. Cannabis can help older adults to be more present, feel more in control, worry less about the future (or the past), and focus more on embracing the present.

It helps people unwind.

Insomnia and other sleep disturbances have long been considered unavoidable symptoms of aging. Trouble sleeping can stem from a range of different issues, and it’s often tricky to treat. A variety of forms of cannabis — especially strains tailored to sleep — can improve restfulness and help older adults unwind for a deeper and more sound night’s sleep.

It increases relaxation.

In addition to sleep, there are also cannabis strains tailored to overall relaxation. Whether an older adult is going through a stressful life change or simply struggling to chill out, cannabis can help ground the mind, lift some weight off the shoulders, and take the edge off — allowing users to get to a place of increased peace and zen.

It improves focus.

There’s no question that the struggles people face during aging can cloud the mind — and many older adults may find that they’re not as mentally quick or sharp as they were in their younger years. Certain cannabis strains can help increase focus, allowing consumers to slow down, hone in, and process their thoughts more clearly.

It eases socialization.

Many older adults may struggle with feelings of loneliness or find it difficult to make new friends later in life. Certain cannabis strains can help promote feelings of socialization— helping people become more extroverted, get out of their shells, and feel more connected to those around them.

It sets the mood.

Cannabis doesn’t just offer benefits in casual social situations, it can also help when navigating romantic interactions. Many older adults may struggle to get back out there, re-enter the dating pool, or spice things up at home. Strains tailored to arousal can help reduce romantic anxieties and set the mood.

It inspires creativity.

Who doesn’t want to feel creative and inspired? As older adults turn to pick up new hobbies and skills in retirement — whether it's painting, fishing, playing cards, or anything else — getting in tune with their creative side and finding sparks of inspiration can go a long way towards motivating people to try new activities.

It’s carefree fun.

It may sound simple, but it’s true. In addition to all of these important physical and mental benefits, cannabis is also meant to be a good time. Many older adults can benefit from letting their hair down, getting out of their own heads, and taking some time to simply enjoy themselves.

Of course, benefits are not 100% guaranteed — and everybody is different. If you’re interested in discovering some of the benefits that cannabis might have for you, you’re in luck. Mood is an online dispensary that delivers high-quality, 100% legal cannabis to your doorstep. Check out everything from gummies and edibles to vapes and flower, and find what works for you. Not sure where to start? Explore the entire product selection.

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