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The 420 Friendly Guide to Celebrate The Green Holiday

420 friendly

Recent voting cycles have opened up a world of possibilities for the marijuana and cannabis communities. As legality becomes more widespread, weed smokers are creating 420 friendly spaces for themselves, but what does it mean and why is it called that?

What was once a discreet code-word to attract and identify other cannabis user comrades is now a marketing point for spaces that accept and encourage the use of cannabis. This article will take a look at such places and give you the tools you need to have the perfect 420 friendly time.

WHAT’S 4/20?

So, what does 420 friendly mean? After digging into this ourselves, we discovered the origin stories of the 420 meaning.

Legend has it that a group of high schoolers in 1970s California started the saying “420” because 4:20 was their designated time to meet after school and smoke every day. The term stuck, and now April 20th AKA 4/20 is the worldwide appointed holiday to celebrate marijuana.


This brings us to the meaning of 420 friendly.

Describing someone as 420 friendly means they’re open to marijuana use and may even facilitate it. It’s worth noting that marijuana use is not legal everywhere, so this code word is meant to distinguish those who accept it and those who don’t – assuming the latter don’t know the term’s meaning.

People who use cannabis enjoy getting high and hanging out, but they understand others may or may not be into it. It’s basically a subtle way to say “we’re okay with weed here” so other people can make a decision on whether they want to join in the space.

what is 420 friendly
From a business perspective, mentioning they’re ‘420 friendly‘ means you can likely smoke or consume cannabis on the premisis – in some cases they may even sell cannabis products.

So let’s dive into everything you need to know about having a friendly 420 celebration!


Now that we’ve defined 420 friendly, we’re ready to show you some of the best ways to get high and some fool-proof ways to enjoy it.

Legal Edibles Delivered to Your Doorstep

If you live in a state where Delta-8 or Delta-9 are recreationally legal, you can order delta 8 or delta 9 delivery to your doorstep. Mood ships to most states, so our customers can sit back and wait for their order at home or at their vacation rental, avoiding the stress of traveling with THC.

15mg Delta 9 THC Gummies

For experienced users, 15mg is the sweet spot – just enough for a fun yet balanced high. 100% legal and sourced from organic hemp, these 15mg Delta 9 THC Gummies are sure to liven up your 420 friendly soiree.

25mg Delta 8 THC Gummies

These 25mg Delta 8 THC Gummies are on the stronger side and are loved by more experienced users looking for a more intense high. They facilitate a versatile mood, meaning experiences range from relaxed to focused to sharp and introspective.

Delta-9 THC Chocolate Crunch Treat

Sharing an edible is an amusing way to start your trip. You and your friends can split this tasty Delta-9 THC Chocolate Crunch Treat – there’s plenty to go around! Assuming you’ll each want around 10mg, you can split a full bar eight ways!

THC & CBD Tincture (900mg)

The THC & CBD Tincture (900mg) can be enjoyed in your favorite drink or on its own. Because it’s so easy to measure out the perfect dose, they’re perfect for sharing with friends.

Why Choose MOOD

Thousands of dispensaries have popped up following the loosening of cannabis restrictions nationwide. The issue for consumers is that many sellers use unscrupulous methods, resulting in questionable products.

Mood offers 100% legal, 3rd party tested cannabis products with speedy delivery and guaranteed doses. Our Delta 9 and Delta 8 edibles come in a variety of mood pairings, including chill, sleepy, sensual, focused, and social. We respect and cherish the 420 friendly meaning, and want our customers to celebrate safely and with confidence.


Now that you’ve secured your goods, you’ll want to have all the bases covered so you and your friends can enjoy a stress-free time.

Here are a few little-known tips to have the best 420-friendly experience no matter what day it is.

420-friendly vacation spots


As a way to find other weed lovers and make shared spaces enjoyable for all, hosts use the term 420 friendly to signal that cannabis use is welcomed. The next few sections discuss ways to get the most out of the 420 friendly meaning. If you’re looking for creative ways to enjoy yourself with cannabis and friends, you’ve found the right guide.

420 Friendly Stays

Innovators have built an entire market for short-term vacation rentals where the owner is okay with cannabis use. What was once a taboo request is now widely accepted, with weed farm Airbnbs, THC resorts, and rentals advertising communal bongs, rigs, and rolling tables.

Weed Friendly AirBnB

How to search for 420 friendly Airbnbs is quite simple: open Filters, scroll down to House Rules, click the Smoking Allowed selection, and browse.

Clicking this box ensures the host is okay with smoking either indoors or outdoors. Breaking community guidelines could result in you getting kicked out, so be sure to read the posting’s House Rules section for more details.

That said, we’ve found an even better way to find 420 friendly Airbnbs…

420 friendly airbnb


Hibnb offers accommodation for cannabis enthusiasts via 420 friendly hotels and rental homes around the world. Each host offers unique amenities like rolling stations, bongs, and pillow lounges, and outlines their rules around smoking in the home.

Bud and Breakfast

BudandBreakfast offers cannabis-friendly lodging across the globe including 420 friendly hotels, cabins, bungalows, and mansions. Their site provides options for weed-friendly events and areas in every city. You can start your search by area, activity, or amenity!

420 Friendly Eats

420 friendly restaurants serve THC or CBD-infused foods and beverages. Weed-friendly cities like Portland and Los Angeles have high-end cannabis eateries as well as cozy, small cafes. East Coast towns are beginning to embrace the idea, with bars and cafes popping up from Vermont to Florida.

How to Look for 420 Friendly Restaurants

If you’re visiting a state with legalized recreational use, there are probably 420 friendly restaurants in the bigger cities. Websites such as Weedmaps, Leafly, and High Times are good places to start your search. Some restaurants may have discreet signs or symbols indicating they are 420-friendly. Look for symbols such as a green cross, a marijuana leaf, or a smoking pipe.

420 Friendly Event Spaces

420 friendly event spaces like spas, yoga studios, weed resorts, hotels and retreats, bars, and wedding venues are becoming more and more popular. Pot Guide has marijuana-related resources and activity ideas. Hibnb has a list of upcoming 420 friendly events all over the world.

420 Friendly Festivals

Those wondering what is 420 friendly are sure to find out at one of these events:

  • The Great Midwest Hemp Festival – Every Fall in Madison, Wisconsin, cannabis enthusiasts gather at the oldest recurring hemp festival in the US to celebrate marijuana.
  • National Cannabis Festival – Celebrate 420 in the nation’s capital with live music, vendors, educational resources, food, and contests.
  • Hempcon – Hempcon is an annual hemp-centered convention with educators, scientists, and industry leaders.
  • Mile High 420 Fest – Every 4/20, the mile-high city hosts a hemp celebration with vendors, live music, and food and beverages.

420 Friendly Party Buses

Can you smoke on a party bus? You can smoke on a weed-friendly one! A limo or party bus is the hallmark of a celebration, and it’s even more fun when you can spark one up legally.

Potlandia Experience in Portland and Mile High Limo Tours in Denver are just two examples of a party bus that allows smoking. Most companies have guidelines like “marijuana may be consumed in the rear-passenger area if the consumption is not viewable from a public place.”


Activities that encourage discussion, creativity, and thoughtfulness are fun while high. Embrace the true meaning of 420 friendly with some of these ideas and couple with Mood products to maximize your experience.

Host a Game Night

Game night is a great way to facilitate conversation and get some great laughs while making memories. Our favorite 420-friendly games are:

  • Catan: a fun board game for strategy and healthy competition
  • Cards Against Humanity: bound to make you laugh
  • Charades or Pictionary: get the group moving/crowd pleasers

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Soak up some vitamin D and get your endorphins pumping.

  • Frisbee is fun, active, and not too challenging.
  • The beach is a scenic and relaxing way to enjoy nature and chill out.
  • A calm hike with scenic overlooks encapsulates the true 420 friendly meaning. Pack snacks, a picnic blanket, and some Delta 8 edibles to make the most of your day and enjoy the Delta 8 THC feeling.

Get Creative

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like THC. Here are a few 420 friendly adult crafts to choose from:

  • Jewelry making/beading
  • Get a few macrame sets or easy crochet kits and create something your friends can take home with them.
  • Buy some adult coloring books and go to town (there are some pretty funny ones).
  • Sit in a circle painting, revealing your canvases to each other once everyone is finished.


How can you guarantee your 420 friendly outings will go smoothly if the area you visit doesn’t permit it? Strategically picking a location will ensure there are cannabis-friendly events, products, restaurants, and stays.

Exceptionally weed-friendly countries and states include Georgia, Thailand, Uruguay, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Malta, as well as the District of Columbia, and 21 states.

420-Friendly Vacation Spots

Certain cities cater to the weed community more than others. The best 420 vacations involve weed resorts and weekend travel around a 420 festival.


Known as the mile-high city, Denver has long welcomed cannabis enthusiasts with open arms. Not far from the rocky mountains, Denver offers beautiful hikes, lakes, and winter weather activities. With head shops on virtually every corner, 420 friendly lodging, and even a cannabis church, you can’t go wrong with a weed friendly vacation here.

Los Angeles

California knows how to party – and its cannabis community has developed a wide network of events and spaces that make great weed-friendly vacation ideas. Museums, concerts, comedy shows, and cannabis-friendly lounges – these are just a small taste of what they have to offer.


Portland, Oregon is an epicenter of the weed tourism industry, with visitors raving about some of the best 420 vacations there. Get social at a cannabis cafe or dab lounge. Visit consumption experiences like Make & Mary, hosting elevated yoga and DIY events. You can even book a cannabis bus tour and stay at a 420 friendly Airbnb.


As experienced tokers will tell you, practicing 420 responsibly will ensure everyone has a good time. Consider these tips for a stress-free 420 celebration.

Familiarize Yourself with State Laws

Cannabis laws are ever changing; make sure you’re up to date on the current regulations of your destination. Although the 2018 Farm Bill legalized cannabis with less than .3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis, laws vary state-to-state.

Check your state laws before flying with edibles (and flower). Never try to conceal the contents of your packaging – stay within the laws of your State. For those flying out and to States where legal, we brand our products with QR codes that lead you straight to our Certificates of Analysis – that way, contents of your package are clearly visible to TSA personnel.

But why risk it? Delivery services like Mood allow you to embrace the meaning of 420 friendly without worrying that you’re on the wrong side of the law.

Only Buy from Trusted Vendors

A trusted seller knows the source and potency of their product. A huge red flag is when a vendor isn’t sure about strain, testing methods, origin, or cannabinoid profile. Mood takes copious safety precautions with every batch. Our plants are grown by trusted organic farmers and third-party tested for quality and content.

Pick a Strain

Know the vibe associated with your bud. Sativas make you focused, energized, social, and chatty. Pair it with a hands-on activity like camping, game night, or a concert. Indicas that make you feel chill and calm, are better suited for movie nights, painting, or puzzles. Hybrids provide the best of both worlds, and the experience might vary from person to person.

Decide on a Serving Size

If you’re going to be out and about at a 420 friendly affair, take a lower dose from 5-15mg. Staying home? You might feel comfortable taking a bit more.

Mood’s products are securely measured for you, so everyone knows what to expect. Refer to our THC mg dosage chart to calculate your desired amount.*

*Statements in the dosage chart have not been made or evaluated by a licensed physician. Statements offered on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and the products offered on the site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease and/or affect any structure or function of the human body.


If you like what you hear, check out Mood’s Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC products. We ship Delta 8 Gummies, flower, capsules, and treats nationwide where legal on a state level, so you can relish in the meaning of 420 friendly wherever and whenever!

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How do you create the different moods?

We hand-select cannabis strains for their degrees of varying cannabinoids and terpene profiles. We then enhance these naturally occurring profiles by adding additional cannabinoids and terpenes to further promote a given mood.

Do you third-party test your products?

All of our products undergo 3rd part testing in DEA-registered labs.

Will this show up on a drug test?

Our products will cause you to test positive for THC. We recommend not using them if you are required to pass a drug test for marijuana.

Does this feel like marijuana?

Many people think so! Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid naturally expressed in the cannabis plant. It has many of the same effects of its more well-known (and more potent) cousin cannabinoid, Delta-9 THC. However, many users of Delta-8 report it to be a milder version of Delta-9 THC, and with less psychoactive effects. The result is a cannabinoid that still provides mood altering properties without giving its user a feeling of being overwhelmed.

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