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How to Smoke Delta 8 Flower

By preserving hemp’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids, we provide the ultimate “entourage effect.”

There are 4 ways to smoke Delta 8 THC flowers:

  • Vape
  • Joint
  • Bong
  • Pipe


A good-old joint is the most popular way to enjoy Delta 8 hemp flower. It requires the equipment, so newbies can test it without investing in a piece. You might want to watch a video or have a friend help you roll your first one.

How to Smoke Delta 8 Flower in a Joint


  • Grind the nugs (or break them up into small crumbs).
  • Lay a small amount in rolling paper hotdog style.
  • Roll the joint carefully and lick the end to seal it closed.
  • Spark it up!

Pro tips:

  • Try to light the joint evenly by rotating it slowly in the flame. If not, one side will burn faster, and the Delta 8 bud will end up falling out.
  • Don’t inhale while lighting the joint.
  • Use an empty pre-roll if you don’t have time to roll.

Why We Love It

Rolling a joint is a craft that feels really good to perfect. It’s also a decent conversation starter for when you’re smoking with new friends. There’s nothing like a cleanly rolled joint to bring people together!

Dry Herb Vape

Dry herb vaporizers are devices similar to vape sticks. You put Delta 8 flower into them, and the gadget heats and vaporizes it to be inhaled. They’re the best of both worlds – the convenience of a handheld device and the ease of buying regular flower.

How to Vape Delta 8 Flowers

First things first, you need a vaporizer that works with dry Delta 8 flowers (not just CBD oil and concentrates).

  • Grind the nugs into small pieces.
  • Pack the flower into the chamber at the top.
  • Heat and inhale.
  • You’ll likely just follow the instructions that come with your vaporizer.

Here are a few tips:

  • Clean your device frequently (after each use or at least every few days).
  • The optimal temperature to heat Delta 8 is 175-178ºC. Any higher and you’ll combust the flower unnecessarily.

Why We Love It

Dry herb vaporizers are considered a “healthier” smoking option because you avoid the carcinogens from the burning flower. You also have the power to control the vapes temperature, so it’s more efficient, and you waste less flower.


You can smoke Delta 8 buds in pipes and one-hitters. Pipes have a carb (a small hole in the side), and one-hitters don’t. All you need is the pipe, the flower, and a lighter!

How to Smoke it in a Pipe

  • Grind up the Delta-8 flower or break them into tiny pieces.
  • Fill the pipe, but don’t pack it too tight.
  • Light a corner of the bowl and inhale.

Pro tips:

  • Invest in some screens, so your bud doesn’t fall through the bottom and into your mouth (yuck).
  • Clean your pipe when it starts to accumulate buildup.
  • Don’t feel the need to light the entire bowl on the first hit (unless it’s a one-hitter).

Why We Love It

Learning to roll a joint takes a while. Pipes are a surefire way to enjoy; all you need is a small pipe and a lighter. They’re also faster to smoke. If you’re in a rush, pipes are your best bet.


There’s a reason smokers invest in large bongs. They deliver bigger hits that feel as smooth as butter. The smoke from bongs feels gentler on the lungs, so you can take bigger pulls without coughing. If you know someone with a bong, it’s definitely worth smoking your Delta 8 hemp flower in it.

How to Smoke it with a Bong

  • Pour some water into the base of the bong.
  • Grind the Delta-8 flowers.
  • Pack the bowl with flower.
  • Light the bowl and slowly inhale. Turn the lighter off once you have some smoke collecting in the chamber.
  • Lift the bowl piece and continue inhaling until the smoke has cleared. The bowl will likely still be smoking a bit.

Pro tips:

  • Clean your bong when it starts to get a brown color.
  • Replace the bong water after every session.
  • Don’t fully light the bowl if you don’t intend to smoke the whole thing in one sitting. You can still get a full hit with a partial burn.

Why We Love It

The water works as a filtration system to catch falling ash, debris, and THC flowers. This prevents you from inhaling anything but smoke, which is why the hits feel cleaner. You can also personalize your bong with stickers or hemp wraps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delta-8 Flower Get You High?

Yes, you can get high from smoking Delta 8 flower. Delta-8 is THC and has the intoxicating effects that Delta-9 THC does. The difference is that D8’s high is milder and less psychoactive than D9’s.

The FDA is well aware of the mind-altering effects of Delta-8 hemp flowers.

How Is Delta 8 Flower Made?

Delta 8 naturally occurs in cannabis and hemp plants, just in small amounts. It takes some processing to get enough D8 into each batch and ready for sale. Professionals can safely synthesize other cannabinoids into D8 to make the flower more potent. To do this, they use advanced machinery and careful precision.

For Delta 8 hemp flowers, regular hemp plants are grown and dried buds are coated with Delta-8 distillate.

Where to Buy Delta 8 Flower?

Mood ships Delta 8 flower online to every state where it’s legal. We have a wide variety of strains that are all third-party tested for quality and potency. Whether you want Indica, Sativa, pre-rolls, or loose bud, we’ve got the goods.

What’s the Best Temperature to Smoke Delta 8 THC?

Most people don’t realize that there’s an ideal temperature to smoke THC. Temperatures above 245°C (473°F) cause the other cannabinoids to break down. Staying below this temperature is the most efficient way to smoke without unnecessarily damaging the product.

What’s the Strongest Delta 8 Flower?

Sour Space Candy is the strongest D8 flower. We offer flower bud and a live resin vape that’s super potent but still a social strain.