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What are Delta 8 Pre Rolls?

Delta 8 prerolls are pre-rolled joints made with delta 8 THC flowers.

Delta-8-THC is closely related to delta-9-THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. Delta-8 has psychoactive effects very similar to delta-9 but it is slightly less potent. Delta-8 is suitable for every mood. Chilling with friends, romantic evenings, relaxation before bedtime – our delta 8 prerolls can make almost any occasion better.

Our prerolls are made from industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% delta-9-THC, so they are legal under federal law. Check your state and local regulations to see if delta 8 is legal in your hometown.

About MOOD Pre-Rolls

MOOD’s delta 8 pre rolls are premium hand-crafted delta 8 joints. You don’t have to fumble with rolling paper, because our expert rollers twist our delta 8 flowers up for you. They’re neither too tight for a good draw nor so loose that weed falls out. Our MOOD Delta 8 THC pre roll is just right.

Prerolls are an easy to smoke, easily accessible way to enjoy the benefits of delta 8 THC.

How to Smoke Delta 8 Pre Rolls

If this is your first time trying a delta 8 THC preroll, don’t worry! Prerolls are super easy to smoke. Follow these simple tips and with a little practice you’ll be impressing Willie Nelson with your preroll toking technique.

Pick the Right Place

Whether solo or with friends, enjoy your delta 8 THC pre roll in an appropriate place. Public delta 8 smoking can lead to unwanted attention even in legal delta-8 jurisdictions.

Light it Up

Delta 8 prerolls need nothing to start but a lighter. Rotate your pre roll slowly in the flame and don’t inhale until the preroll is lit.

Start Puffing

When you see that your delta 8 preroll is lit, inhale the smoke slowly. Slow, regular, mouth-to-lung draws will ensure that your preroll burns evenly and limit coughing spasms.

How to Keep Your Delta 8 Pre Rolls Fresh

If you want the freshest and most potent smoke, you need to store your delta 8 pre roll properly. An improperly stored delta 8 THC joint will lose that mouth-watering flavor of fresh THC flowers, and much of its psychoactive delta 8 THC will break down.

Store in a Cool, Dark Place

Delta 8 pre rolls are sensitive to light and heat. Keeping your delta 8 joints in a cool, dark place keeps the cannabinoids from breaking down and losing their potency.

Keep in Airtight Containers

The terpenes that give delta 8 prerolls their taste will evaporate with time if they are left exposed to the open air. Airtight containers preserve their flavor.

Avoid Humid or Moist Environments

Moist and humid environments breed mold and bacteria. Moldy delta 8 THC pre rolls don’t just taste awful and lack potency, they are unhealthy. Keep your delta-8 products dry.

What Makes Delta 8 Pre Rolls so Special

A delta 8 THC preroll is the fastest way to get delta-8-THC into your system. When you inhale, the smoke goes directly into your body, so you feel the effects faster than with edibles or tinctures.

Prerolls give you all the benefits of a joint without the hassle of rolling. And with our Delta 8 Pre Roll Packs, you can stock up so you always have a joint on hand.

Perfect For Any Mood

You can find pre rolled delta 8 joints for almost any purpose. There are sociable strains, mellow strains, strains for body-soothing, erotic mood strains, and so much more.


Our delta-8 THC pre rolls are hand-made by our expert rollers and all our products are third-party tested by DEA-registered labs so you can be sure our labels are accurate.

No Medical ID Required

Because delta 8 pre rolled joints are considered legal hemp under the 2018 Federal Farm Act, you can purchase delta 8 products without a medical card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Put Out a Delta 8 Pre Roll?

Delta 8 prerolls are great, but a preroll may be a bit much for a one-person smoking sesh. To save a joint for later, you can pinch the lit end between your fingers or simply let it go out in the ashtray before putting it away.

Are Delta 8 Cigarettes the Same as Delta 8 Pre Rolls?

The biggest difference between delta 8 cigarettes and delta 8 pre rolls is that cigarettes are made in a rolling machine, while roll-ups are made by hand.

Cigarettes are more consistently packed and produce a smoother smoke and draw than hand-rolled delta 8 THC joints, though some smokers prefer a preroll’s lung-filling hit.

While a classic delta 8 THC blunt is rolled with a cigar wrapper, cigarettes and prerolls are rolled with all-natural paper.

What Happens When a Delta 8 Pre Roll Go Stale?

If improperly stored, a delta 8 THC pre roll may lose much of its flavor and potency. If kept in a hot, humid environment, it might even become moldy. If your delta 8 has lost its smell or shows signs of mold, it’s best to throw it out.

How Long Does a Delta 8 Pre Roll Stay Fresh?

Properly stored, delta 8 prerolls should stay fresh for up to 12 months. If you’re not sure about your old preroll, take a sniff. If you can still smell the terpenes that give THC flower its distinctive smell, your preroll hasn’t lost its potency.

Can You Store Delta 8 Pre Rolls in the Fridge?

The best way to store pre rolled delta 8 joints is keeping them in a cool, dark place. Since your refrigerator is both cool and dark, an airtight container in your fridge is an ideal place to store sealed prerolls and all your delta 8 products.