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Live Resin Oregon Sweetgum Delta-8 Disposable


THC: 74.9%

Oregon Sweetgum falls into the sativa-hybrid category due to its genetics. It’s a very sexy experience, stimulating both the mind and the below-the-belt area. Vaporizing small amounts of this strain is bound to give you a wonderfully uplifted sensation while still giving you generous amounts of cannabinoids to help assist with daily stress, nerves, or body aches. When larger amounts are consumed, this flower will transform into a cannabinoid powerhouse allowing you to take off or end the day by easing tension, and providing you with a calm, grounded mindset to ease into intimate experiences.

This disposable vape features high quality ceramic coils, is rechargeable, and contains one full gram of live resin Oregon Sweetgum Delta-8 distillate.

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Live Resin, Great Feels

The flower that has gone into this vape was extracted as a live resin, meaning that within minutes of its flower harvested, it was flash frozen, in order to preserve its natural terpenes. This makes for an incredibly engaging scent, and enhanced effects that feel true-to-plant. This makes for a truly elevated Delta-8 vaping experience.

One. Whole. Gram.

Each one of our rechargeable disposable vapes is jam packed with a heaping gram of live-resin extracted Delta 8 concentrate. This powerhouse cannabis device contains more than enough to share.

Legal THC

Delta-8 THC is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. It’s very similar to its more well known cousin, Delta-9 THC, which is the cannabinoid in the cannabis plant responsible for psychoactive or psychotropic effects. It makes for a fun, mood-altering buzz that the whole country is falling in love with.

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