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Suver Haze Pre-Roll (0.75g)


Enjoy our hand crafted Sour Suver Haze pre-roll joints solo or with a friend! Each one is jam packed with 0.75 grams of high quality organic flower sourced directly from our small family-farm partners. Slow burning and rolled with love ❤️

This funky flower is a lovely daytime or evening companion. It’s a versatile strain that has a fun euphoric and chill vibe to it. Although mentally stimulating, it’s balanced with calming terpenes.

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Sativa dominant hybrid

Although Sativa dominant strains are known for their stimulation, we’ve added more Myrcene to balance the effects of this strain. Myrcene is a botanical terpene which hits the user with an immediate chilled-out vibe.

Linalool and Beta Caryophyllene terpenes create a sense of calm and combat paranoia. Did you forget to close the garage? Nope – you haven’t used it in a week, silly. And with this chilled out blend, it’s hardly a passing thought.

Pure sun-grown goodness from Oregon

Cultivated with love in the mountains of Oregon by experts in outdoor cannabis. No chemicals or pesticides involved, just good old fashioned soil, sun and water.

The genetics of this plant have been perfected for years. These farmers are dedicated to one thing: making incredible cannabis that people love. They don’t have a big fancy hundred acre farm, just a few plots, a lot of love, and a lot of pride.

Legal THC

Delta-8 THC is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. It’s very similar to its more well known cousin, Delta-9 THC, which is the cannabinoid in the cannabis plant responsible for psychoactive or psychotropic effects. It makes for a fun, mood-altering buzz that the whole country is falling in love with.

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  • Genetics: GG #4 x Suver #8
  • Varietal: Sativa Dominant
  • Origin: Oregon
  • Terpenes: Myrcene 0.8% Terpinolene 0.493% Beta Caryophyllene 0.372%, Humulene 0.152%, Ocimene 0.124%
  • Scent: Sour Lime, Cinnamon
  • Cbda: 22.32%

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