25mg HHC Gel Caps

Mood: Euphoric, Focus


HHC is best for people who want a really fun, focused sort of high. It’s a great mind-buzz that’s happy and stoney- perfect for getting things done with a spring in your step! It’s very similar to THC, and has started to become one of the most popular legal cannabinoids. It feels pure and clean, and offers the user a really productive boost of energy that feels happy and euphoric, but still focused. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend grabbing some while we have it!

These capsules are made with care in our cGMP certified manufacturing facility. Each bottle contains 30 gel caps and we recommend taking just one at a time.


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Pure HHC Goodness

These gel capsules are a convenient way of consuming HHC. They were made using high quality distilled HHC that came from high grade USA grown cannabis. They were manufacturered in our cGMP facility – always clean, safe, and fully tested for compliance and quality standards.


750 Strong Milligrams

Each bottle contains 30 gel-caps, containing 25mg a piece. That means each bottle has a whopping 750mg of pure HHC!


Get High, Legally

Delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, and delta-10 THC are all found in the cannabis plant. Federal law uses delta-9 THC as the metric for determining the legal status of hemp; however, state laws vary. You should check with your state’s laws before purchasing.


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